Extended Play _We can finally announce the impending birth of our mythical 'Wreckonomics' EP, due to transpire upon the earth in physical form on February 6th, but available for pre-orders and streaming as of now. And as a special Christmas treat, the lead track 'Killdozer' has just been posted on drownedinsound as a FREE download as part of their 12 Days Of DiSmas. Click, listen, crunch.
(also direct from HERE - right click and 'save as')
The EP was written last summer, recorded in fits and starts throughout the autumn, and finally licked into aural shape by the marvellous ears and hands of Alex Newport in New York over the last month. The tracklisting of 'Wreckonomics' is as follows:
Wreckonomics EP
1. Killdozer
2. Perfect Chain
3. Wreckonomics
4. Pinstripe Crown
5. We Can Build You

It will be available as a digital download, but also as a limited run of 10-inch vinyl via Wichita Recordings, which can be pre-ordered HERE. Digital versions of the tracks will be delivered some time before release date.
Next show _Our next show, and potentially the last for a little while, is happening at the Star Of Kings in Kings Cross on October 26th. It forms the first night of a new Camden Crawl-affiliated event called Variety, and entry is FREE, so get on over to the Variety event page to get involved.
Tour _Our first UK tour starts today in Brighton. Following some great festival shows this summer we're excited to get our teeth into a proper run of headline shows. As well as all the hits from 'Crisis Works', we'll be playing songs from our brand new 'Wreckonomics' EP, more details of which next week. Click on 'Shows' for the full schedule of gigs.
Reboot __After a small period of dormancy, younglegionnaire.com is back up and running, along with a brand new Journal page at younglegionnaire.tumblr.com. Check back for updates, insights and uploads. Or subscribe to the news and tumblr feeds.
Reading/Leeds __We have now been added to the Reading/Leeds festival bill as follows: We'll be playing on the Festival Republic stage at Leeds on Friday 26th August, and Reading on the 28th. We'll be playing between Ed Sheeran and Cocknbullkid, pop fans. readingfestival.com
Crisis Works   Crisis Works __Our debut album 'Crisis Works' appears in the world this week. It's available on CD, 12" 180gsm vinyl and of course download. Here are some links for how to get hold of the artifact itself: HMVAmazon and of Wichita. iTunes is here.